Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going into Fall

Red Okra blossom

As we begin to plan and prepare for fall we have much to harvest in the garden. The general consensus has been that while everyone seems to have been harvesting tomatoes for awhile now we are just beginning our harvest and we believe this to be due to planting so much by seed. We are also just beginning to fully see carrots, gourds, peppers and eggplant. Next year we'll start most seedlings inside a bit earlier. It's not an entirely bad thing to be reaping such a late harvest, but we do worry about any frost that might hit the tomatoes before they all ripen.

It's been a tremendously rewarding year for our garden and we've learned a lot so far.
We'll be working on expansion grants in the coming months. We hope to have a sign by next spring and maybe, hopefully, a fence of some sort.
For the moment we are enjoying the fruits of our labors.

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