Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July!

Wow, too much time has slipped by without an update. We've had a very busy growing season so far. Our garden on Minnesota is doing wonderful. All of the perennials from last year are getting so big, in fact bigger than we had anticipated.

We may even have contributions to make to the Great Perennial Divide next year. Most of our crops at the Minnesota garden will be tomatoes. We have over four beds of heirloom tomato plants that we started as seedlings this year.
In the past month they've grown taller than some of the gardeners. On Monday we harvested 16lbs. of garlic! We also will have a huge bean crop from this garden this year.
Our new garden on Cherokee is also taking off, it's a bit slower, but it is to be expected for a new garden. We are hoping to harvest potatoes in the next few weeks. The corn seems to be slowly taking off, and we've harvested many pounds of onions, beets and radishes already from this garden as well.
Our immediately plans mostly involve maintainence and harvesting for now, but we will be working on larger plans that may involve a greenhouse, an apiary and a larger composting area within the next few months.
We are always looking for more gardeners, and it's never too late in the season to jump in, so if you're reading this, and you want to garden, well, Come join us!
Happy Growing!
I'll try to keep the updates at more regular intervals for the rest of the summer.


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