Monday, October 8, 2007

The Dirt

We spent a few work days cleaning the lot.

We ended up with a huge pile of trees, weeds and assorted debris at the back of the lot.

There was also a large, sad looking cedar that needed to be removed, and thankfully was finally taken out by the city. Our plan was to go in phases. Phase one is our current project which consists of raised beds for the perennial garden in the first 25 feet of the lot.

The dimensions of the lot are 25x100' so we're being conservative in the beginning. Phase two of the plan is to add raised beds for vegetable gardens next spring. Our entire perennial garden is being supplied by Operation Brightside.
Incarnate Word Foundation has generously funded our raised beds for this phase.
Once we cleared the lot we began working the soil into something that we could not only build raised beds on, but also leveling it out.
We've had dirt delivered free of charge from the city, most of which is compost. It's actually quite nice dirt, and with no charge, it's exceptional.

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