Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sowing the Future

Last Saturday was planting day. We received all of our plants from Operation Brightside and had to actually make two trips to pick them all up.

The largest factor that made Saturday the most enjoyable work day so far was all the planning we did ahead of time.
Everything went very smoothly and once the plants were placed it was only a matter of planting them which went relatively fast.

We also added some plants to our large round planter at Utah & Gravois.

We also had a pleasant surprise from one of the members of our group. He had picked up some large cedar logs and built us a beginning fence/barricade at the back of the garden. It lends the whole lot a certain rustic feel, as though you could hitch your horse and relax awhile in the a peaceful garden.
We have successfully completed Phase 1 of our plan, and only have to mulch everything this week. Stay tuned for future updates regarding the vegetable garden and the Grant we are working on with Gateway Greening.

We also want to extend a very large Thank You to Incarnate Word Foundation and Sister Jean Durel for believing in us and all of the support given to make the perennial garden possible.
Also, Operation Brightside has been essential in the whole process from the beginning of our round planter, and now with our new community garden. We are grateful for all the support.

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